Mike Grabow Home

The only thing Mike needs is a guitar.

Mike has spent the last several years playing throughout Mexico developing his voice and sound.


He has played countless shows to people from all corners of the globe with an undying passion and remarkable stamina. Mike’s voice has developed years beyond his piers and is always growing.


Mike, at 31 years of age, delivers smooth soulful acoustic performances on a daily  basis.

He is currently performing his original material in venues ranging fromall parts of  Mexico and Argentina to Minnesota, Canada and hopefully into Europe soon expanding his fan base. Mike continues to write new songs and develop his live performances and will continue to do so for years to come.

Just give Mike some fresh air, a little raw emotion and a guitar, and he’ll show you just how good life can sound.

Catch Mike On the Road..

Just got back from a trip up North to Detroit Lakes! heading back soon.. Also Denver is in Mikes Sights so be ready Colorado!


 Current Schedule in Playa Del Carmen

    • Mcarthy’s Irish Pub

      Fridays from 730pm till 830pm
      Fifth Ave at 22nd St

    • Wah Wah’s Beach Club

      Mike plays on the beach Wednesday through Saturdays from 1-4pm
      Calle 2 and the beach.
      Wah Wah Beach Club


    • Luna Blue Hotel & Garden

      Thursdays from 8pm till 10pm

    • Calle 26th between 10th and 5th Ave.
      Luna Blue Hotel