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Hello Everyone!

We’re working on this page still. Here you’ll be able to sign up to newsletters and buy Mike’s T-shirt (yep, the one he’s wearing RIGHT NOW). But for now, you can’t, so why not check out his Facebook fan page instead? Here it is:

Mikes YouTube Channel!!

Catch Mike On the Road..

Just got back from a trip up North to Detroit Lakes! heading back soon.. Also Denver is in Mikes Sights so be ready Colorado!


 Current Schedule in Playa Del Carmen

    • Mcarthy’s Irish Pub

      Fridays from 730pm till 830pm
      Fifth Ave at 22nd St

    • Wah Wah’s Beach Club

      Mike plays on the beach Wednesday through Saturdays from 1-4pm
      Calle 2 and the beach.
      Wah Wah Beach Club


    • Luna Blue Hotel & Garden

      Thursdays from 8pm till 10pm

    • Calle 26th between 10th and 5th Ave.
      Luna Blue Hotel